Signs of Infestation

If this describes you as well, it may be time to call a professional mouse exterminator for help with your search for long term rat and mice control. At first, you may have noticed strange screeching sounds at night that never once stopped during the day. As time went on, it became more frequent until you were completely aware of it being there. This loud noise had never occurred before during your normal waking hours. In fact, you couldn’t even hear it outside of the room.

Mouse Exterminator

What you also don’t know is that these sounds were actually signs of mice infestation. There are numerous signs that a mouse or rats may have taken up residence in a particular area of your home, such as your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and dining area. You might have never considered a rodent infestation to be a problem, but now you must make sure that you take action now. If left unchecked, your rats and mice will eventually overrun your home and spread to other areas of your house.

The first sign of infestation is when you begin to see mice running around in circles, hopping and scratching at different things in the room. When the first mouse seems to settle into a comfortable spot in a specific part of the room, you can be fairly certain that they are there. As they get closer to your bed, you may notice them scratching and hunching against the walls and other pieces of furniture. As they get farther away from your bed, they may start to wander around the room. Keep this in mind when using a mouse exterminator because you don’t want the rodent exterminator to destroy your entire room if the only place they seem to go is your bed.

The second sign of mouse infestation is a mouse that has entered your home and is trying to find the entrance point to the outside world. They may enter through the cracks of your doors, windows, or even under your carpet. The most common place these rodents are seen is the kitchen, but sometimes they will go to areas such as the bathroom flooring. if you have an unclean and poorly-maintained area. These are the spots that you will notice the most activity at first, so you will want to act quickly.

When calling a rodent exterminator, you will need to prepare them for what they are about to come across in terms of your home. For example, they may have to clean the entire home including cabinets, flooring, wall and furniture. If they cannot reach them all, they will have to pick up and dispose of your mouse or rat waste. This will have to be done properly since the mess has likely already carried diseases that will be passed on to other mice or rats.

The third sign of mouse infestation is a sudden increase in mice in the area. Most exterminators recommend that their clients remove more than one mouse at a time in order to be able to properly clean and dispose of any waste that they may find. If there are multiple mice present in one area, they may choose to have the entire neighborhood treated.

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